Our agents are ambassadors for the brand and its values, and we believe every interaction to be a meaningful one. Each of our agents exhibits knowledge, organization, energy, and commitment. To ensure they apply these assets for the best possible client experience, the four components of our agency philosophy are imbued in every client experience: Listen—understand the client’s specific and personal goals which are the sole benchmark of a successful transaction;  Contextualize—give consideration to all options, facts, context and data;  Communicate—Accessibility and transparency are the currency of the client-agent relationship; Consult—having addressed all prerequisite factors, the final decision always rests with the client.   For more than 20 years this vision has propelled RFC to over 400 homes sold and in excess of $500,000,000 in sales volume.


It is our unique belief that despite the rigid nature of today’s lending climate, obtaining a residential or commercial mortgage can and should be a personal and individualized experience. For this reason, our highest priority is to ensure that the client has direct access to the professionals who are responsible for assembling and streamlining their application. Unlike in national lending institutions, our team is not employed by the banks themselves; our loyalty is always to the client first.   RFC is able to utilize its numerous lending relationships—each with their own niche programs and guidelines—to present prospective borrowers with a variety of scenarios. Once a course of action has been established, our expert team of in-house underwriters assemble the application up front and capitalize on even the most complex income and obscure guidelines to ensure a smooth approval process.   We are elated to tout that we routinely encounter applicants who, due to their challenging qualifications, were previously rejected at larger, detached lending institutions, and to their surprise and delight are able to achieve their ambition.


In addition to our vast experience building and selling world-class fully finished custom homes, we embrace buyers who demand a comfort tailored to their lifestyle. Because we are engaged in development on a large scale, we are able to pass on the benefits of volume pricing and constant access to a network of architects, engineers, contractors, and designers, each of whom are in constant contact with each other to ensure a cohesive project. In collaboration with our real estate team, we keep a portfolio of prospective properties for development, and capture desirable properties for construction.

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