To lead the industry in transparency, honesty, and attentiveness.
To advise and perform the custom and optimal solution for each client.
To use the vehicle of real estate to improve the lives of our clientele and their families.


Business is booming nowadays, and The RFC Group is well established with a strong reputation. Propelled by 30 years of continued success, it’s clear the brokerage has found a winning recipe. Seemingly oblivious to its own growth in both volume and achievement, its headquarters echo self-critical scrutiny from its early days. “What are we doing to earn our clients’ business every day?” and “People only remember the last thing you did for them!” are the aphorisms that consistently emanate from its halls. Something about this trademark philosophy has created the bedrock culture upon which the company excels; somehow the ground traversed from inception to today has left an indelible impression that continuously invigorates its ambition. These are the components that comprise its story.

Throughout the 1980s and into the early90s a young Jacob Hausman, employed by Rockwell International Aerospace Engineering set his predilection for numbers to supervising quality control and data collection for NASA’s Endeavor, Challenger, Columbia, and Discovery Space Shuttle Programs as well as development of the B-1 supersonic variable-sweep wing heavy bomber—still actively deployed by the United States Airforce. From a technological standpoint the projects were impressive and the missions important, (Jacob even recruited his brother Isaac to the company to join him in those projects) but the rigid protocols, overlapping multi-level checks, and employee redundancy made the operations inefficient and the time perfunctory. Thirsting for a richer sense of satisfaction, while maintaining his role at Rockwell Jacob completed 2 different Master’s programs in Management and Marriage and Family Therapy, and was in the midst of pursuing an MBA when, in search of greater possibility he completely changed courses, opting to experiment with self-employment and explore real estate.

By this time his brother Isaac, still employed at Rockwell, had already earned his real estate broker’s license and had begun to originate mortgages as a secondary source of income. Always one to return a favor, he invited Jacob aboard, where he quickly discovered total autonomy and that his success would be limited only by his own stamina and ambition. Starting with his network of peers at Rockwell, Jacob originated hundreds of mortgages, quoting rates and collecting financials at every break in the workday. As his client body rapidly multiplied beyond the workplace, keeping up with his full-time occupation while also making his mortgage clients feel they had his undivided professional attention became difficult to balance; answering the private pings of his beeper from the secure office phones lines without being discovered by management at Rockwell became an impossible double-life.

It has been said God has a sense of humor, and it was in this moment, when he most needed a “lucky break”, he got one—shattering his ankle at multiple points in an ice hockey injury, leaving him totally immobilized and on disability for 10 months with nothing to do but study for the brokerage exam, set up his independent brokerage (then called Finance Connection) with his wife, Ellen, from the home office, and do what he does best—originate business to the hilt.

It was during this period that Finance Connection discovered and perfected the “no-cost loan” which improved the client’s situation free of charge, thus enabling them to take advantage of future rate drops again and again. The company turned its focus in real estate to identifying the unrealized upside in 2 bedroom homes that could be converted to 3 bedrooms, both for buyers it represented and for its own investment and development. The business blossomed and the decision to leave aerospace for full time real estate became a fate accompli. In hindsight, Jacob attributed this pivotal period of growth to creativity and perspective—seeing potential where others saw limitation, and his unrelenting belief in possibility.

The rest, as they say, is history. Loan brokerage induced Real Estate brokerage, which in turn prompted development. Each of these 3 spawned their mirroring counterparts in the commercial real estate industry in kind. Jacob eventually moved the office from Long Beach to Los Angeles and rebranded as The RFC Group. As each wing of the business prospered, he brought on younger licensees he could mentor and ultimately rely on to supervise the individual divisions he had built,enabling him forge ahead with the diversification of company services and operations. Each field that was grasped exposed a new opportunity to see greater possibility, and a new area of challenge to discover and evolve.

True to its roots, The RFC Group continues to be an entity limited only by its own imagination. Its harsh self-criticism is its earnest way of asking “How can I make the greatest impact today?” fueling itself to see past obstacles to reach higher and push farther. A family business even today, it is an embodiment of self-determination, and an animating force to its employees and clients alike.

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